About us

Comprehensive directory and listings of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Token sales.

About us:

We are a group of crypto enthusiasts, part of the scenario since the beginning of 2012. From the beginning of 2003 and till the end of 2008 we were involved in the HYIP monitoring industry. We managed to create one of the most popular HYIP monitoring service provider, throughout which we helped users of our portal to invest diligently in HYIPs.


Our vision is to establish ourselves as the leading source of information for ICOs and Token Sales. Our portal is meant to help investors in ICOs and Token Sales in making the most educated decisions when investing.


Our mission is to scout, scan, asses and provide only the most reliable information about ICOs and Token Sales. We invite and encourage users to discuss and review the listings on our website. We also further encourage ICO and Token Sales team members to actively take part in the discussions.